About us

Peter's Custom Trout Worms LLC was founded in 2019 in Denver, Colorado.  As you guessed, I'm Peter and I grew up fishing in Colorado.  I'm an avid trout and bass angler and have years of experience fishing with different types of baits and lures.  I also do some surf fishing at places like Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, Bolsa Chica, and Venice Beach. 

Sometimes the fishing is tough in my local city.  I have found that by using small soft plastic lures, specifically trout worms, I could catch numbers of fish and multiple species too.  I love being outdoors and fishing is one of my favorite activities so  catching fish while I'm outdoors is a huge added bonus.  I want everyone to have that bonus.  I want everyone who loves fishing, whether they are a beginner, advanced or professional, to catch fish on their next fishing trip.