Jig Heads - Blaze Orange
Jig Heads - Blaze Orange

Jig Heads - Blaze Orange

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These quality round ball collarless trout/steelhead jig heads are ideal for steelhead and other hook bending game fish.  The hook used is specifically designed for salmon and steelhead fishing.  It's a very strong hook that is available in small sizes.  The eye of the hook is shorter than comparable aberdeen hooks to produce more point exposure and more hookups.  Comes with a black nickel finish.  if you're looking for a small jig head with a small weight and extra strong hook, this hook is for you.  Just hook on your favorite soft plastic body or live bait and get ready for action!

Quantity: 3 Pack

1/32oz - hook size 8

1/16oz- hook size 6

1/8oz- hook size 4